The Walking Trails

The Walking Trails that have been completed on the walking paths represent our history, our values, and our vision for the future.

Princess Kawananakoa Trail - Named for Princess Kawananakoa in honor of her commitment to preserving Traditional Hawaiian Healing practices. Trail leads to the Princess lookout overseeing the Agnes Cope Native Hawaiian Healing Center. (purple)

Ho`ala (To Awaken) Trail – One can take their first steps to wellness along this flat meandering trail. Look forward to this trail also being a bike path adjoining to the Waianae community pathway. (cyan)

Honu Trail - Starting at the traditional Native Hawaiian Healer’s hale, petroglyphs, crafted by Native Hawaiian artist Kauila Clark, have been placed along this trail named after a rock that resembles a turtle. The beautiful copper “turtle gate” was created by the artist Sooriya and the serene waterfall and pond was constructed by Health Center staff.  Materials and labor for this trail were donated by Texas Roadhouse Restaurants.  The trail continues through the Amphitheater and Bettini Gardens. (yellow)

Laau (Herb) Trail - Various medicinal herbs, and other plants useful to the people of the Waianae Coast, are planted along this trail. (orange)

Aumakua Trail - Takes us back to our ties with the natural world. Aumakua is simply our animal family relations and they can be animals that exist today or even legendary animals in the Hawaiian legacy. One must be in excellent health to enjoy this challenging trail and the beautiful view of the Waianae Coast.  It is steep and can be a hard climb. (red)

Ke Ala O Ke’oke’o Kea (White Hibiscus) Legacy Trail - Starting at the Donor’s Fountain, the Legacy Trail honors those that have donated so generously to the Health Center.  Along the trail is Hale Ho’ili’ili o Ke Ola, a tribute to our employees.  Enjoy this significant trail, hugged by the white hibiscus, (a species endemic to Hawaii) which represents our history, our values, and our vision for the future. (blue)